Parents Need to THINK

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Today while shopping for Em’s birthday, I overheard a conversation between two of the store employees.  I overheard it because I’m nosy and they said something that caught my attention so I decided to eavesdrop.  Don’t judge.

One of the women made a comment about how her child was misbehaving and acting a fool.  The other woman commented that maybe she should make a video and upload it to YouTube so the child will be embarrassed and maybe stop acting a fool.  I thought to myself, “If only parenting required a license.”

My message to parents is:  DO NOT HUMILIATE YOUR CHILDREN.

Do you know what that makes a parent who does that kind of thing?  A bully.  No better than a bully.  Period.  You know what else?  It’s abusive.  It is 100% emotional and mental ABUSE.

Now, I realize there are parents out there who suffered this from their parents while growing up.  STOP THE CYCLE.  Just because you went through it does NOT make it okay for you to perpetuate this insanity.

A parent should provide acceptance, compassion, safety, protection, guidance and love.  Those are essential in a healthy parent/child relationship.  A child who does not have this, who can not rely on their parent(s) for a soft place to land is a wounded child, a negative child, a fearful child.

I ask…no, I beg all parents who read this to PLEASE give some serious consideration to the kind of relationship you have with your own child(ren).  Is it loving?  Do you feel your child can come to you for anything?  Do you unwittingly put your child down?  Kids can be hit with words and words can’t be taken back once they are out there.  THINK.  Be confident in your parenting and please, for the love of all that is holy, never EVER embarrassed or shame your child.

Need help?  Many resources here:

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