Past Meets Present

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Today was a sad day for our family.  My beloved Aunt passed away a week ago and today my family is left to pack her belongings.  Our family is and always has been full of a love so pure and meaningful that this event has turned into a celebration of her life.  It has long been said she was a woman of wisdom and wit, beautiful but not in a flashy way, intelligent and wise beyond her years and much loved by all who knew her.  We have spent hours today regaling each other with our personal experiences…the times she made us laugh and the quiet times we were fortunate enough to share with her simply talking and being together – truly cherished memories for all of us.  I am young, only 17 but old enough to understand how much she meant to each of us.

As the day turns to night and I’m left alone in her home to straighten up and finish gathering her things, I feel light.  I asked to be by myself for just awhile.  I needed this time – just her and I.  I feel blessed to have been a part of her world and cannot seem to feel sad as I know she’s gone on to Heaven where she has long wanted to be.  My faith allows me to feel joy because I know one day I will be with her again.

I go to her dresser and turn on her favorite music box.  It is a piano.  Gilded and aged, with a secret compartment inside.  I lift the lid wishing to hear the music and am surprised to find a letter.  There is nothing written on the envelope but my name.  I open the envelope, carefully unfolded the letter and see her beautiful, flowing handwriting.  The letter is dated May 1, 1968.  21 days before I was born…

Dearest Lisa, 

If you have found this then it means I am with your Uncle and we are happily singing and dancing with the Angels!  How glorious!  

This may strike you as odd but if I know you and I think I do, then you will understand.  You see, I’ve known you since before you were born.  My soul has met your soul.  My heart has met your heart.  I love you now, even before you’ve made your entrance into this world, more than you can imagine.  

There are things I must tell you.  Things I hope you will carry with you for always.   Before you read further, promise me you will keep all of this close to your heart and I’ll know!  Just because I’m not there with you physically doesn’t mean my spirit isn’t close by! 

As you get older, KNOW… 

Your parents will forever love you unconditionally.  You have been blessed with two amazing people who have wanted you for a long time.  You will always be able to count on them no matter what and you can always go back home. 

You are strong.  You will face ordeals during your lifetime that you may never understand.  Never lose your faith.  It will carry you through all hardship. 

You are a survivor.  Life, people, events…there will be times you’ll get knocked down.  You’ll get hurt.  You’ll want to give up.  Don’t.  Feel sad if you must but then pick yourself up; dust yourself off and MOVE ON! 

You are talented.  You DO have special talents that belong to only you.  Use them. 

You are smart.  Please never allow anyone to make you feel you aren’t. 

And most importantly…

 You are beautiful and you have a secret! 

Forever with You in Eternal Love, 

Aunt Louise



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