Why The Smoking Squirrel?

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A few days ago I changed the name of my blog from Road to Nowhere to The Smoking Squirrel.  Some of you may wonder why.  The majority of you probably don’t but just in case…

I have a tendency towards ADD moments.  I’ll be discussing one thing and jump to another topic with no warning.  This happens often while I’m having text conversations with my friend, Billy.  The great thing is he does it, too and we’ve got this kind of chemistry that allows us to keep up with each other without confusion.  Our text conversations flow quite easily but to someone on the outside looking in, we’d no doubt come off as a bit crazy?  Insane?  In dire need of medication?

At some point we started calling these random topic changes “squirrels.”  I am full of squirrels.  I’ve got squirrels coming out of my ears.  I also smoke.  Squirrel was my first word when I was little.  My entire blogging career is full of squirrels.  So there.  It just makes sense.

Eh, because I said so.  That’s why.

For the record, I do not endorse or recommend giving a lit cigarette to a squirrel or any animal.  I can guarantee no animals will be harmed during the duration of my blogging future.


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