Bookworm is the Devil

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I’m addicted to a game on my iPhone.  It’s called Bookworm.  For the record, I am officially an ULTRA BOOKWORM.  Thought you might want to know that.

Here is the little bastard that keeps me up half the night.

Looks innocent enough but trust me, he’s evil.

Bookworm 1

During the course of “x” number of games (if I had to guess I’d say the number was somewhere in the trillions), I often end up inventing words in an effort to rack up more points or beat those damn flaming tiles.  I wrote a few of them down and have come to the conclusion these non-words should actually be legitimate and added to Webster’s dictionary.  I’ve even come up with meanings.

1.  TWUK (n.):  a new-fangled pair of tweezers that don’t make you want to scream like an idiot every time you pluck your brows.

2.  CLOFF (adj.):  a term used to describe an individual who gets pissed off because they can’t figure out time zones to save their lives (this may or may not apply to me).

3.  HOWEL (n.):  the last towel you stole from a hotel.

4.  QUOG (n.):  a vicious, interplanetary, cross-breed species of duck and hog trained for combat.

5.  THUB (adj.):  the sound my boobs will make when they finally, one day, hit the floor when I get out of bed in the morning.

6.  SNOX (n.):  A disposable, sock-like device that can be worn on the hand during flu and cold season for blowing your nose.

7.  CHOWIE (adj.):  really, super hungry.

All useful, I believe.  Don’t you?

Did you laugh?  Smile?  Chortle out loud?  Good.  Now that you’re in a good mood, do me a favor.  My friend Nicki is trying to raise money to help those who are living with AIDS/HIV.  This is a super-extra worthy cause and for every dollar she gets, Penn & Teller will match.  $5 becomes $10, $10 becomes $20 and so forth.  Even a $1 donation will help so PLEASE consider supporting her effort.  She’s a kick-ass chick!  I’m proud of her.  THANK YOU!!


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