Those 3 Little Words

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Yes.  I am being a bit cliché.

I Love You.  Those 3 little words.  Powerful, aren’t they?

Something else I’ve learned about myself over the last few years is I need to hear those words.  I don’t need to hear them every single day but I need to hear them.

I also need to say them.  It isn’t enough for me to just assume the people in my life know that I love them.  I’ll go all cliché on you again and say that life is short and as my Daddy puts it, “You just never know what a day will bring.”  He’s right.

The one thing wrong with the relationship I had with F. was that I could never tell him I loved him.  When I did it was just awkward.  He said it to me from time to time and it was nice to hear but it almost felt as if he did it because he felt some kind of obligation.  I won’t speculate on whether he was sincere or not because there is no way for me to know.  Not going there.

My point here is the one thing I KNOW I need in a relationshipbis love.  I need to feel it, show it, say it, and hear it.  I don’t want anyone to feel it’s an obligation.  I am no longer a one-night-stand-this-doesn’t-have-to-mean-anything kind of girl.  I want the real thing.

Know if I tell you I love you that I MEAN IT.  I don’t take it lightly and when I express it, it’s real.

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  1. I tell everyone i love them and mean it everyone that is in my family that is – I always tell you I lvoe you .. David and I say every night and sometimes throughout the day, even when he is at work he calls to tell me. I just always wanted the person I tell to know I really do.. it took Tammy 43 years to finally tell us she loved us and before she passed away she would call and tell me just so I would know. Thats when it really became important to me. I told my Nanny I loved her 2 minutes before she passed way and her last words to me was I love you. You never know if you have tomorrow to say it and wonder if a person knew or knows so I make sure that those I love hear it often and know it is sincere,… btw Love you


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