Dating Dealbreakers…

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I’m Googling writing prompts in an effort to inspire creativity.  My muse is on a hiatus of sorts so I’m hoping to jump start something here without the lazy little bitch’s help.

I found a prompt titled “No Can Do” and the question:  Do you have any absolute dealbreakers in a relationship?

Hell yes, I do.  As I’ve gotten older and dated or married one jackass after another and after this last break up with F., I’ve decided I actually do have honest to goodness dealbreakers.  Keep in mind these are based on past experiences with men.  In no particular order:

*If your back is so hairy it looks like the backside of a gorilla, forget it.  I’ll never be able to touch you without getting completely creeped out.

*Drinking doesn’t bother me but if you’re an alcoholic, please move along.  I’m not capable of handling the whole Jekyll/Hyde thing.

*If you don’t read, I’m not interested.  By read, I mean actual books not random articles you’ve found on the internet about stupid shit nobody gives a crap about (like this blog, for instance).

*Have some kind of goals for yourself.  Anything will do.

*Have your own life, ideas, opinions and hobbies.  No matter how much I love you I’ll never want to spend every single second of the day with you & you shouldn’t want to do that with me.  It’s perfectly healthy to not share everything.

*Lying?  Won’t tolerate it.

*Music…I MUST have it in my life.  If you’re a dude who likes to listen to talk radio all the time, we probably won’t get along very well.

*I’m a Mom first and foremost so if you don’t like kids or you think you might be jealous because mine will always come first, it’s a no go.

Those are the biggies that’ll make me run screaming.  What about you?  Got any dealbreakers?

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  1. Your blog and the stories within are much better than a lot of books I’ve read (cough*50shades*cough)…I think reading this certainly qualifies 😉

    I can’t date boys who are shorter than me. Or ones with a sense of humour that doesn’t match.


  2. Dare I confess I use to date men who were, shall we say, height challenged? That is a no go for this gal nowadays. If I can’t comfortably wear heels and still be shorter than you, it ain’t gonna happen.
    The big deal breaker is: No Sense of Humor—>Need Not Apply! I love to laugh too much to be with someone who doesn’t.
    This was a great prompt!


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