A Family Story…

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Mom is cleaning out her closet, going through boxes and things and stumbled across something I think is awesome!  Must share!

This issue of  TV and Movie Screen is from 1956.  I DO Love Lucy big time.  I’ve got my own Lucy collectibles and watch her show about 10 times a day.  I’m a fan.  So, first off I was excited she had this magazine.


What’s even more cool about this magazine is this picture of my Aunt Louise, Cousin Sharon and Liberace and his brother George.  Yep, that’s for real people!  I’m also a huge Liberace fan and as much as I love metal, his concert ranks right up there in the top 5 I’ve seen.  My Mom even got to do the Twist w/ him on stage once!  I have no picture of that though.  Sad.  Anyway, above the photo is what my Cousin Sharon wrote.


Here is the original photo.  Mom found it, too.

AUNT LOUISEL – R:  Aunt Louise, Liberace, Sharon, George



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