Why! It’s a Major Award!

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I’m always so incredibly honored when someone nominates me for a blogger award.  It’s so humbling to know that people take time to read what I’ve written when half the time even I don’t want to read it.  The support and friendship I’ve found since I began this blog a year ago has just been so amazing and I thank all of you!

Two days ago, CamsGranny nominated me for the Super Sweet Blogging Award.  This means so much to me.  A lot of people would use a lot of words to describe me.  I’m not sure sweet would be one of them!  So THANK YOU to her for seeing past my gruff exterior.  🙂


Now I’ve got some questions to answer…

1. Cookies or cake?   What the hell?!  I have to choose?!  Well hell.  If my back is up against the wall, I’m going to go with cake.  Especially birthday cake.  The kind with the big fluffy icing that is spread on about 2 inches thick.  Yea.  That’s the ticket!

2. Chocolate or vanilla.  ALWAYS chocolate.

3. What is your favorite sweet treat:  cheesecake or frozen yogurt ?   Definitely cheesecake.  Yogurt is like a little tub of slimey crap.

4.When do you crave sweet things the most?   Can you say P – M – S?!

5. If you had a sweet nickname what would it be?   I just laughed.  I truly have no idea.  Nicknames I’ve had over the years – Busty, Sleazy, Lis, Metal Goddess, Queen of Metal, Mistress of Metal…none of those provoke sweet images, do they?  I’m screwed.  OH!  Last minute update!  I posed this question on FB and had a friend respond with “Hello Kitty.”  So there.  That’s pretty nice, eh?  OH!  Another update from FB…Mistress Lisa.  That’s more of a whip & chains kind of image isn’t it?  Now I’m a little worried.  One more FB update:  Lustrous Lisa…SO much better!


Now I am to nominate a “Baker’s Dozen.”  My choices are:

1.  All About Lemon

2.  Cam’s Granny (I can nominate who nominated me right?  B/c she is sweet!)

3.  Mystery Coach

4.  J. Aurora Morealist

5.  Running Naked with Scissors

6.  How to Date Boys

7.  A Life Continued

8.  Thin Spiral Notebook

9.  The Risible Rambler

10.  Guapola

11.  Janna T. Writes

12.  Freedom to a Full Life

13.  Thoughts, Ramblings, and Daydreams

Now, it’s up to all of you if you wish to play along and nominate your own sweet bloggers.  I’m not going to put the pressure on you or anything like that but if you choose to do so, the rules are:  (1) acknowledge the person who nominated you, (2)  answer the SWEET questions, (3)  nominate a Baker’s Dozen.  That’s it!

Happy Monday!


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