What I’m Thinking…You’ve Been Warned

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About this new pancake flipper deal…

How hard is it to make a damn pancake?  Seriously?  If you can flip this stupid pan you can flip a spatula.

The ear wax vacuum…

Truly do not believe there has been a more disgusting invention.  Cleaning out ones ears with a Q-tip is not rocket science and quite honestly, I believe I’d rather risk my ear drum than have to empty out ear wax from some vacuum contraption.

About writing…

I’ve got a block.  It is my fault that I am letting it block me but I am so there it is.  Until I can renovate my room and create my writing space, nothing will be done.  Nothing worth reading anyway.  This particular blog isn’t worth reading.  My apologies if you’ve made it this far.  May the force be with you if you choose to read further.

Christmas cards…

I slack every single year and never send them but just because I don’t send a card to say MERRY CHRISTMAS doesn’t mean I’m not thinking it because I am.  

My cat…

She’s sleeping on the cable box because it is warm.  While I do want her to be comfortable, this is beginning to annoy me. Because I have a brilliant friend, Dorothy (I call her Pumpkin), who came up with the words, I made this:

Steph Meme

About the end of the world…

Now we know.


Other tidbits from my brain…if you are my friend on Facebook, you can stop reading now.  You’ve probably already read this stuff:

Woke up this morning w/ every intention of being productive & busy today. I’ve decided waking up & drinking coffee is productive enough.

I have the forehead of a 137 year old woman.

Rain makes me want to nap.

My brain has written no less than 12 blogs. My fingers seem to have a much different agenda. I suck.

Thinking about shutting down Lisa’s Book Bag.

When Franky comes home, I’ll need to get headphones. The music I play during my show at the butt-crack of dawn just isn’t his thing & if he has to hear it, he might just go nuts.  If I wake him up with this music, I’m in trouble.

I do wish you all a very, merry Christmas!


  1. I’m wondering why you know what a 137 year old woman’s forehead looks like. Because you know you are WRONG!!!

    Get the Princess off the cable box. Buy her a heating pad and put it where you want her. Trust me it works. The girls… oh the girl uses one when she isn’t on top of the heater. 🙂


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