Thanksgiving and a Trip to the ER…

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Hoping all of you had a fantastic Thanksgiving Day!

We did…sans the trip to the ER.  Emily’s right hand is swollen and after the bloodtests, x-rays and ultrasound we have no idea why.  It’s gone down a bit since yesterday and she feels fine so I’ll keep an eye on it.   Bless her heart!  Was the first time she’d ever had blood taken and she was so scared she was shaking!  After that, she got a Popsicle and she felt a bit better.

I’m not sure about other Mom’s but I go through what I’ve dubbed a Mommy Crash.  When you’re a Mom or a Dad, you work real hard at not freaking out and remaining calm when you’re kid is scared or sick.  Keep it cool on the outside while on the inside your brain is racing and you yourself are totally freaked out.  Afterwards, when all is done and you know or are pretty sure things are going to be okay, all of that crap you’ve held inside kind of boils to the surface and you lose it a bit.  It’s draining.  It’s exhausting.  I’m tired.  Em did sleep well though and she pigged out when we got home so as long as she’s happy, I’m happy!  Well, she’s mostly happy.  I’m now insisting on computer breaks to rest her hand.  She doesn’t love it but she’ll get over it.

In other news, I’ve met a new man and he is AMAZING.  He lives out of state but at the moment, this doesn’t seem to be an issue for either of us.  We’ve talked about it and agree we can make it work.  He’s just a truly incredible dude.

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend!


    1. No idea. She isn’t allergic to anything I’m aware of, hasn’t tried any new food or soap, nothing new or different. It seems to just be her index finger now that’s still a little swollen. Thank you!


      1. Ya know, you just reminded me that I owe her a treat for not freaking the heck out when she had blood taken! It was her first time and she was petrified! Handled herself very well though!


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