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My father served in the Army and he fought in the Korean war.  He doesn’t talk about it much if at all but he’s shared a story and as much as his tale haunts me, I can’t begin to imagine how it haunts him.  One night, during this war, he was stabbed repeatedly in the leg with an enemy’s blade.  His ONLY choice?  Lay there and pretend he was dead.  He couldn’t flinch, couldn’t react, couldn’t cry out in pain as he was stabbed over and over again.


This fight is not yet over.  There is no draft.  Our military men and women aren’t forced to serve.  They do it because they have a calling, because they are brave, simply because it’s what they want to do.  As a result of this, thousands upon thousands of lives have been lost…horribly, tragically taken away.  Families have been devastated.  Children have lost mothers and fathers, parents have lost their children.  It’s not over.


I’ve got football on the brain this morning.  It’s Sunday.  Falcons had a bye week last week & I missed them.  I worked my butt off last night doing chores so I’d have nothing to do today.  I made enough chili last night for leftovers today so I’d not have to cook.  I’ve got heat on this chilly morning.  I’ve got friends who are just a phone call away.  I’m sitting here on my comfortable bed in my room.  I’m here at home with people I love.  I am so very blessed.


We’re all free to do whatever we want to do today.  Why?  Because every single day our  military ensures we can.  So while you’re enjoying your day with your family and friends, please do not forget to take a moment to remember why we are able to do so.  Remember the ones we’ve lost, the ones who currently serve and say a prayer for them and their families and if you get the opportunity today or any day, thank a soldier.

This one is just for my Daddy.  BIG John Wayne fan and so am I.  🙂


A picture taken of my Daddy during his time in the Army.


  1. GOD BLESS the men & women that have given SOO MUCH for U.S.A.ll for the freedoms that we have left…… BECAUSE AS WE LIVE IN THIS DAY
    THEY ARE BEING STRIPPED & Signed AWAY WITHOUT OUR CONSENT so Fight back to keep the Freedom that was fought for so that ALL the lives lost were not in Vain… YOU OWE THEM THAT!!!!!


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