Happy Birthday Sydni…

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Back in February, I blogged about  my daughter Sydni.  She passed away when she was four months old.  Today would’ve been her 16th birthday.

This year has been harder on me than most and I think it’s because it would’ve been a milestone birthday for her…a Sweet 16 party, her drivers license…things I won’t get to do with her.  Makes me really sad.

Just wanted to take a moment to wish her a Happy Birthday.  I miss you always little one.


  1. Although I’m not a mother, I know that the pain of losing a child goes beyond the loss itself and through to the loss of all the dreams you held for your child also…the first dates, the graduation, the driving lessons, the birthday parties… the imaginings of watching her grow… Thinking of you and Sydni. xo.


  2. Milestone dates are hard for any loss. Personally, I don’t think we ever stop grieving loved ones, it is said to grow easier with time but I find certain dates, times of year, etc to be as challenging as ever. May your sharing of your pain so openly with us ease just a tiny bit of your kind hearted soul, Lisa xo


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