So Far, So Good…

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Update on the bathroom remodel…

Had a little trouble uninstalling the sink but Mom figured it out.  That woman is strong as an ox!  Where my hands fail me, she’s jumped right in and helped.  She’s been incredible and there is no way I could do this without her.

All THREE layers of the flooring are up and gone.  The bottom-most layer was a bitch.  Took a lot of work to get that one up.

Sink and vanity are out.

Next up…new paint and new flooring, new vanity and sink.  I’ll do some other decorative things as well…repaint the medicine cabinet and the cubby thing over the toilet, want to repaint the doors and redo the linen closet.

Here are a couple of pictures of the destruction.  I can’t quite call it a CONstruction…yet.  That big white thing is the towel I was sitting on.


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