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Dealing with pain today.  Chronic pain is the worst.  Good days, bad days.  Never really know when it’s going to be a bad day until you face  it.  I’m exhausted.  I want desperately to get this bathroom done but it looks like it may be an every other day kind of work on it deal so I can rest my body.  I got quite a bit accomplished yesterday so I guess today I’ll take a break and get back at it in the morning.  My intentions were to jump right back on things today but just can’t.

SO FRUSTRATING AND DISCOURAGING.  Just don’t know how to explain it.

In other news, while I was doing my show this morning on Heavy Metal Hitman I was looking for this video on YouTube and what popped up was a cooking with Bobby Flay video.  Kind of makes you wonder what goes on at the Food Network, doesn’t it?


  1. Sorry to hear you are in pain today 😦 Hope it gets better . I know you want to get that bathroom done Sassafras, but you need to take care of you too in the process. No over doing things that will make your life hell in other areas. Its a cloudy gloomy day and it is making my mood the same. My knee is killing me if I keep it in one position to long its like someone has stabbed me and just digging that knife in deeper and deeper ugh!!!!!!


    1. Not good M&M! I’m sorry you are in pain, too. 😦 I’m about to take out the sink and vanity and that may be it for today. I HAVE to get at least that done. I was going to wait til tomorrow but it’s driving me crazy!!!! I won’t rest unless it’s taken out. So here I go…


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