The Bathroom, Books and Probably Other Stuff…

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We’ve had trouble in the bathroom.  Not the kind of intestinal trouble you’d expect but more like water leaking – flooring had to come up – lots of work to do to fix it trouble.  I am not exactly construction/remodel wise so it’s a challenge.  I’ll get there.  I’ve got a plan.  Oh yea…I’ve got a plan and we all know once we have a plan then everything goes according to…well, the plan.  Right?  RIGHT???

This is where you roll your eyes and shake your head while laughing at my false sense of security.  You can do that because I can’t see or hear you.  If you comment though, a big fat cheerleading word of encouragement would be good!  I’ve  YouTubed my ass off watching videos on this kind of work.  At this point I’m convinced I can build a house from the ground up if I wanted to but then those Mr. Fix-It assholes always make it look easier than it really is.  We’ll see how I do.  I’ve only cried once so that’s good news.

I’m still building the Book Bag on Facebook.  I’ve added a new admin to help me.  She’s great.  I’m happy to have her.  I’m currently working on getting all of Dean Koontz’s books uploaded and he goes WAY back to 1968 so it’s taking time.  This is a fun experience for me.  If you’re on Facebook, I’d love it if you’d check the page out and like it.  If you already have, then THANK YOU.

I have a new girl crush on WordPress, too.  Check out Rebecca at Lady or Not Here I Come.  FUNNY!

Last night, I had this for dinner.  It has fiber in it so it’s acceptable to consider this a healthy food.

I saw this yesterday and laughed out loud.  It definitely appealed to my Grammar Nazi side.

No lie.  This is hanging on my bedroom wall.  It was a birthday gift.  I love it.

Have a happy Thursday!


  1. you also make me laugh, but I am not laughing at you Dear … You Got This!!!
    things are never easy, specially when it come to repairs to a house. I hope and Pray all goes well, but if by chance you hit some barriers just remember we are here for you to vent your anger. Love you ❤ ❤


    1. Thanks M&M! I feel pretty okay & confident right now. Tomorrow morning I’ll take out the faucet and the vanity, get the rest of the flooring up and then figure out what to do next. Doing this one day at a time. There might be a leak coming from the sink plumbing so once I get it all out I can tell more about what’s going on. Love you too!!!!!


  2. So you know there are specialized parts to let you change from metal pipes to PVC (plastic-ish). They are called shark fittings and work wonderfully. PVC is really easy to use and is so cheap that you should not concern your self at all if you have to redo a piece.


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