It’s Possible I’m Going to Chew My Tongue Right Out of My Head…

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REALLY struggling today to NOT give in to sarcastic temptation.

It is HARD.

I’ve had several messages from someone and every one of them has been sarcastic.  I’ve not responded to any of them and IT IS KILLING ME.

I want to call him and I want to blast him.

I won’t.

I want to more than I can describe but I won’t.

Not going to fall into this trap.

But shit…it’s killing me.


  1. Am so Proud that you are controlling that urge to Blast Him. You know if you do it will only encourage him to do it more, and it would only get worse. So sorry he is being such a Jerk!! just not cool that some have to act worse then a 2 yr old ever would . You have My Love and Prayers. Stay Strong ….. YOU GOT THIS!!!!!!


    1. (WHINE) but it’s sooooo hard!!!

      It would escalate it and since he seems to live to aggravate me he’d just win if I caved. I won’t cave but I will stay busy today! LOL!

      Thank you. You are so amazing! ❤ xoxo


      1. You are so very welcome MFA (My Friend Always) . yes keep busy or lose yourself in a book where he does not exist, or you can pretend he is the Evil character in your book where you Beat him. 🙂 ❤ xoxo


  2. How’d you do? 🙂 For the record if this is one of the people you’re steering clear of “he knows they get to you” that’s why he’s doing it. See, if they are doing it intentionally and I hasten to add that they probably are, NOT responding irritates them WAY more then actually responding. S’totally true.


    1. I am good. Making this stupid bathroom my bitch. How you be?

      I know. It’s making him mad I tell you! MAD! He keeps writing and I keep not writing back. And laughing. I’m laughing at him b/c he sounds more and more desperate with every message.


      1. He will continue to do it until he finds that “one” thing to make you respond. Undoubtedly he knows what they are and he will shift gears repeatedly to get a rise out of you and to make you respond.

        Understand that this is a game to him. He will keep pushing buttons until you cave and respond. That’s his goal.

        He may even go over to “I’m sorry” and other tactics and I assure you they’re all designed to make you crack and this is not to be construed as “he cares” that’s why he’s contacting you. I’d like it to be very clear in your mind that “he’s doing what works” or “has worked” to get you to respond.

        I know I’m blunt honey, but this is what he’s doing… and if you allow contact to be made, he’ll just give you more of the same behavior he’s always done.


      2. Blunt is good. Works for me. He’s done it…he’s said he’s sorry, the whole “you know I love you” bit. He’s gotten angry, pitiful, desperate, angry again, insulting, sweet and loving. He’s run the gamut on emotions (his, not mine. I’m pretty neutral) and done his little tricks he thinks will get to me. Still not responding to any of it. 6 months ago I woulda been a hot damn mess but now? Happy, still smiling, and too busy to care. I should thank you too b/c you’ve helped me feel stronger than I’ve felt in quite some time. 😀


      3. You’re welcome, I’m glad I could be helpful, we all need support to know we’re on the right track because these things are confusing.

        This is a game to this type of person. A really, really good thing to keep in mind is that he is who he is, “it has nothing to do with you” as to his behaviors or lack thereof.

        Meaning, you have the right to be treated well. What does have to do with you is the standards you have for yourself in your life and that you adhere to them as closely as possible. You know, sometimes a person does something we may not like but it gets resolved with a discussion. That’s not this guy.

        I’m proud of you. 🙂


      4. That’s been key for me: making sure I stop taking on his problems as my own. They aren’t. They never were. and they never will be. His issue is his alcoholism and his behaviors stem from that. I’ve got my own messed up self to deal with! I can’t take on his crap, too.

        Thank you. That means a lot to me. xo


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