Am I Wearing the Wrong Costume? Could it Really be THAT simple?

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Feeling a bit unsettled.  I think that is the word I’m looking for.

Lately, I’ve dealt with a lot of anxiety.  For awhile it had subsided somewhat and I’d gotten to a place where I barely noticed it but the past couple of weeks?  WOWZA.  It’s had me by my non-existent kahunas.  It’s not been crippling like in the past but it’s been weird.  Just weird.

I’ve blogged about my anxiety issues before so I won’t beat a dead horse.  Well no.  I don’t like that.  Beat a dead horse.  WTF?  Who came up with that shit anyway?  Why would anyone beat a dead horse?  That is horrible.  I don’t know why anyone would hurt an animal.  I read yesterday where someone had dumped a blind and deaf dog in a river.  People are hateful.  Lucy would never do that.  Right now she’s working with Little Ricky’s dog Fred to teach him to roll over.  Which is funny.  Lucy is so great.  Old TV is the best.


My point here is I’m all over the place and I can’t get settled.  There is too much going on in my head.  I start one writing project, don’t finish it, move to another one, don’t finish THAT one, move to another one.

Part of my problem is I have to sit on my bed to work and it’s incredibly uncomfortable.  I want OFF this bed and into something that resembles a grown-up work space.  My thought was I’d knock out my closet which is tiny and mostly worthless and create a small office space in my bedroom.  I don’t have the money to do this right now (I’ll have to paint and do some work on the walls) so that’s out.

Because I’m currently unemployed, I spend a lot of time in my pj’s.  Before you scoff, I’ve got cute pj’s.  I have a pj fetish in the worst way.  If someone gave me $1,000 right now the first thing I’d do is buy a new pair of jams.  (Oh hey!  There’s an idea!  Can someone do that please??)  I often buy the kind that almost don’t look like jammies.  I refer to these as “lounge wear.”  It’s my way of removing the “just damn, I’m too lazy to get dressed” mentality so I feel less guilty about it.  I mean I get up, brush my teeth, bathe…you know all that hygiene stuff.  I’m not disgusting.  But I do love my pj’s.  So it hit me yesterday that maybe if I’d get dressed I’d feel more productive and that maybe not being fully dressed is what’s stopping me from getting anything finished.

I quickly dismissed that and decided that I’ll be the Hugh Hefner of the Writing World.  Minus the girls, the parties, the money, the porn and that killer mansion.  Ok.  Minus the girls.  If I’m being honest here the rest of that stuff doesn’t sound so bad.  Anyway…

I’m really writing this blog because I’m hoping for advice from all of you.  How do you get and STAY motivated?  Are there any ideas or tricks you use to keep you on task?  What about time management?  Do you treat writing like an 8 – 5 job?  What system do you use to get writing projects finished?  Where do you write?  Do you want to come help me knock down this closet and fix my office space?  Can you bring paint?  A paint brush?  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HELP ME!!!

I don’t know what to do.  I’ve got a publisher who wants to work with me and I’ve got nothing to publish.  I’m getting bummed out.


  1. If it’s helpful, when I was younger I had roommates so my “office” was in my bedroom too. I used the ironing board as my desk 🙂


    1. I don’t mind being in my bedroom but like my closet, it’s small too so there’s not even room for an ironing board! I gave Em the bigger bedroom b/c she has more stuff than I do. I’m somewhat of a minimalist. Hardly save anything, few clothes and knick-knacks. I’m all about the pj’s and having lots and lots of books. Some nights I just lay here giving the closet the evil-eye and thinking “in the morning I’m taking a sledgehammer to that bitch.” Maybe today is that day.


      1. It could be just the distraction you need right now… well, as long as you have the time to finish it and stuff. 🙂


  2. I typically write while I’m in my living room, watching tv. Like you, I can start a lot of posts or writing projects and then find myself distracted and bouncing all over the place. Problem is, I am a beast when it comes to planning in my head. It’s transferring the thoughts into action which trips me up. I also do better if I write things down.
    I have several goals I want to achieve and realized, I need to write them down. Easy, right? But I need more than just writing them down. I came across this website that helps with setting personal goals.
    Here is the website to print off the sheets:

    Click to access personal-goal-setting-worksheet.pdf

    I sat down today and filled out some goal sheets. It really made me think and be more focused instead of general.
    Motivation? That comes in so many forms for me; from reading blogs to watching you tube videos. I also like to listen to Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Joyce Meyer, and T.D. Jakes for that extra energy to forge ahead.
    Hope this helps a little.


    1. THANK YOU! I’ll definitely check it out. This is helpful because I do well when I can write things down when setting goals for myself. I just got out (and dusted off) my writing journal so will start making use of it.


  3. I think that you should take a look at the ADD/GAD (general anxiety disorder) info that has just became available…several studies worldwide have just completed 30 years of research with the same patients…and now have the hard data, to allow the estimated 4.4% of the population treatment…it’s such a difficult disorder with so many sub-types and symptoms that create so much confusion…watch a few vids, just finding out was an improvement for me…best of luck…don’t let the naysayers influence you, how dare someone mess with another persons life, when they could never know what a struggle it can be when you cant focus.
    Best regards- Wm.


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