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HIM:  I couldn’t care less about your problems but if you want to call me you can.

ME:  I don’t bother calling people who couldn’t care less about my problems.

HIM:  I could choose to care less but I care more.  (Still not exactly sure what that means)

ME:  I’m sorry but there is very little you can do or say to make me believe you care.

HIM:  I forgive you.  (WHAT????)

ME:  I have done nothing wrong for you to forgive.  You do not care, there is nothing you can do or say to convince me otherwise.  Leave me alone.

He wrote back.  I chose to not read it and deleted it.

I don’t understand him AT ALL.


    1. It started w/ him asking me to call him, which I couldn’t do at the time. He then asked me what was wrong b/c apparently I sounded short w/ him when I said I couldn’t call. I then replied that my best friend and I were on the outs & that I was struggling w/ getting some writing done. His “I couldn’t care less” came after that.


      1. What is it, for you, that pulls you back in… you don’t have to answer me, it’s food for thought for “you”.


    1. From Hell. Son of Satan??? I met him years ago on MySpace. Then a year later we met in person & our first “date” lasted 3 months. Literally. He stayed w/ me that long before he left. We’ve been doing this love/hate thing ever since except now I’m getting tired of it all & no longer have the energy for it. He’s also an alcoholic & this is how he talks to me when he’s on a binge & his binges are frequent.


      1. well if finding out that he is typical enough that someone else who could not possibly know him says I know him…helps as in.. he’s just another ….. I dont mean that in a rude way but when I realized someone who was similar was not al that special / different / it made cutting the ties a lot easier.. they can make you crazy.. I mean look at me! :-! 🙂 and seriously except the alcoholic (mine was rx drugs) you told my story too… its almost creepy but maybe easier for you to get untangled…


      2. I have to be honest & tell you that knowing I’m not the only one who’s gone through this stuff & seeing how you & others have broken out of things makes me feel much stronger. I feel now that I WILL get to where I need to be to break ties & that break be a permanent one. THANK YOU for talking to me. It helps a lot. xo


      3. you are welcome – it;s hard it really is and I hope you know I don;t discount your feelings about him… see its easy to write – what a jerk you need to get rid of him.. but its not that easy with emotional stuff and history and stuff.. my mom used to tell me when I was sad..,you are better off without that jerk, and you know what she was right and I knew it but I still needed to go through the process – its really hard and going back and forth is I think normal – for me anyways (well you can take that with a grain of salt 😉 ) but if you think about really..what are you getting out of it? seems like at the moment and for the last while just aggravation..and try to put whatever word it is in your head everytime he texts or calls – it becomes so much easier to just ignore him… you will get there and I’m glad my experience and talking about it actually helped .. and I think knowing you aren;t alone takes some of the edge off…emotions make everything way more complicated.. if ya need an ear – mine is open anytime – I just cleaned them too 😉


      4. Yes! It sort of pisses me off when people expect me to dump him & not feel anything. How is that possible??? I know I’m better off w/o the heartache but letting go won’t happen overnight. You’re awesome! ((( HUGS )))


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