And the Nominees Are…

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Yesterday, MrMary nominated me for several awards so to him, I say…

I’m not sure how worthy I am.  I try to read daily but sometimes fail.  I try to write daily and often fail at that, too.  When I started my blog last December my goal was to simply have a place to vent, brain dump and in general just have a place to unload my thoughts – whatever they  may be.  I never imagined I’d discover such an amazing community of bloggers or that I’d make such incredible friends.

You’re all so supportive and I appreciate the constant encouragement more than you know.  No matter what I’ve written and I’ve thrown it all out here as honestly as I can, nobody has ever criticized me or made me feel bad.  My words aren’t coming out the way I want them to (frustrating) but just KNOW…I appreciate you guys so very much.

Now, when MrMary nominated me, his rule was:

There really are no rules, other than you pick an award and send out to bloggers you like and respect. 

I’ve chosen the Beautiful Blogger Award and would like to nominate the following bloggers for their intelligence, wit, honesty, courage, sense of humor, and friendship.

I feel very blessed to be a part of this WordPress community.

You all are BEAUTIFUL people!  Never forget that!

El Guapo

The Hobbler

Katrina – Freedom to a Full Life

Mystery Coach

LizzieCracked – Running Naked with Scissors

Janice – Aurora Morealist

Edward Hotspur

Stuff My Brain Thinks

Rebecca – Lady or Not

The Risible Rambler

Nataly – Snippets and Glimpses

And of course, MrMary from A Spoonful of Suga


  1. You are so sweet Lisa. You know how much I love these things. 😉 Actually, this one is pretty cool because it doesn’t have a lot of rules, and I have never gotten it before. I am honored to be one of the writers you thought of, and I’m in some pretty damn good company.


    1. You know you are one of the first I started following and I’ve loved ya since Day 1. 😀 I do think you’re beautiful and wonderful and an amazing writer. Quite blessed that I can call you a friend. xoxo


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