Story of a Sleepy Dork

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I’ve had little sleep and I can tell. I’m goofy.

This morning around 4 a.m. I decided to go get cigarettes. While walking to the car I ran into a spider web. A big one. Like, if this spider were trying to make room for a gazillion other spiders there would have been plenty of room. I totally went all badass ninja, too. I HATE SPIDERS.

Came home, walked in the door, tripped over a cat.

After THAT, I was taking off my dress to put my jammies on & managed to fall over my bed and on to the floor.

After THAT I mopped the bathroom floor.

After THAT I decided to make spaghetti sauce.

At some point during all of my activity I decided this: ya know that girl in the Temptations commercial that laughs after the dude says he’s wearing cats instead of boots? I want to duct tape her to a hand truck & push her down a ravine.

Happy Thursday!!


      1. ohhhh I know those spider webs are not funny at all when it happens. but after the danger is clear lol..think about if you were waching you when it happened. there you are just walking along and all of a sudden you go badass ninja… then you kinda forget what you just walked into – I hate spiders too..


      2. Did a total replay later after my heart had resumed normal beating and yes, I am SO glad it was the middle of the night and pitch dark outside b/c oh! the! embarrassment! had it been daylight! 😀


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