Story of a Sleepy Dork

I’ve had little sleep and I can tell. I’m goofy.

This morning around 4 a.m. I decided to go get cigarettes. While walking to the car I ran into a spider web. A big one. Like, if this spider were trying to make room for a gazillion other spiders there would have been plenty of room. I totally went all badass ninja, too. I HATE SPIDERS.

Came home, walked in the door, tripped over a cat.

After THAT, I was taking off my dress to put my jammies on & managed to fall over my bed and on to the floor.

After THAT I mopped the bathroom floor.

After THAT I decided to make spaghetti sauce.

At some point during all of my activity I decided this: ya know that girl in the Temptations commercial that laughs after the dude says he’s wearing cats instead of boots? I want to duct tape her to a hand truck & push her down a ravine.

Happy Thursday!!

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