Well If You Don’t Know, I’m Certainly Not Going To Tell You!

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My phone rang this morning.  It was the Truck Driver.  I honestly have no idea why he continues to call.  I’ve yet to receive an apology for the way he’s treated me and without that apology I will not take his calls.  It’s that simple.  What boggles my mind is he can’t figure it out.  Why would I waste my time on the phone with someone who refuses to acknowledge that I’ve been ignored and thereby hurt?  I wouldn’t.  I won’t explain it to him either.  He can’t text because he drives – this is what he says.  He did however, have time to text me how HE was hurt by my “list” of why he’s a bad guy.  You can do that, you can apologize.  Whatever.

That isn’t the reason I wrote this blog.  Here is the reason.

I just read this article in Reader’s Digest.  I’ve read it before but it’s been awhile.  I was in tears by the time I got to the end of it.  The nightmares he endured I can’t even begin to fathom and what did it take to break down a wall?  For him to stand up and say “speak to me.”   He didn’t want to & wasn’t going to.  He did though and I admire his courage more than I can describe.  That people are so clueless and cruel is – shit…I don’t even know what it is.  He had to say those words for people to get he’s human just like the rest of us?  Shameful.  All these years later, the fact racism still exists sickens me.  Truly sickens me.

The link is here:  George Haley:  The Man Who Wouldn’t Quit


  1. I abhor racism too.

    As for your trucker guy. Even if he can’t text there are ways of letting you know he is thinking of you and wants to give you that attention. “Hey I am about to do a long stretch but I am going to call/text the next time I stop to go to the bathroom or grab a bit. I am thinking about you” How hard is that?


    1. This article has stuck w/ me all day.

      It’s not hard at all. He just refuses to apologize which is fine b/c I can ignore his calls until the end of time. No skin off my nose!

      Thanks for the comment! xo


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