The Adventures of Growing Older…

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Feeling it.  I’m feeling my age plus someone else’s age.  I don’t know whose but someone who is approximately my age.  This makes me 88 years old today.  Happy Birthday?  Eh, screw that.

I found a GRAY eyebrow hair not too long ago.  TWEEZE!

This morning I noticed a sticky outty nose hair.  PLUCK!

My favorite episode of Dick Van Dyke is on this morning.  It’s titled “Long Night’s Journey into Day.”  It was made in 1966.  Yea, before I was born.

Earlier this morning on the way to the grocery store my kid said, “Jeez Mom. Your driving is going to cause me to go into some kind of traumatic stress disorder.  I don’t need to go there.”   I’d like to state for the record I do NOT drive like an old woman and my reflexes are that of a 20-year-old.  It is not MY fault that bus decided to slam on the brakes.

Getting older is a challenge, to say the least.  I’m sure I’ll blog about this again – as soon as something finally hits the damn floor.

Happy Thursday!

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