Quite Possibly the Laziest Blog Post EVER…

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Initially I was going to share with all of you an interesting article I read in Reader’s Digest.  It’s a letter that Robert Louis Stevenson wrote his father asking for money.  This may sound boring but really it isn’t.  However, I’m feeling lazy and not in the mood to re-type it all.  Til tomorrow on that deal.

In the meantime, I’ll share this little tidbit with you.  A couple of weeks ago Em was assigned a book report.  This was her first REAL book report so I let her choose what she wanted to read and write about.  She chose a story from a Disney book that has lingered here since her little girl days.  One of the questions she had to answer in her report was “would you recommend this book?”  Her response:  “Yea, I’d recommend it to someone who was like five years old.”   Smartass.  This time she’s chosen a more age-appropriate book.

I struggle with this.

Couple of things that caught my attention, such as it is:


Where being killed to death is far worse than being regular killed.

Grammar Nazi says (AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN):

Proper spelling is EVERYTHING.

Not feeling very well today and I’m tired.  I’ve not kept up with the latest in Isaac’s movements but I do hope all of you are safe!

Happy Wednesday!


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