Nocturnal Musings…

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Not exactly dark.  Or it might be depending on your time zone.  Whatever.  It’s nighttime and I need to brain dump.

You lucky, lucky people.

Got home a bit ago from grocery shopping.  Honestly have no words to describe how much I don’t love that chore.  Like, if I could voluntarily sign up somewhere to have my face chewed off by Cujo I’d do THAT instead of grocery shopping.

I also went shopping hungry.  Forgot to eat again today and yes I do forget to eat.  I get busy, just don’t think about it.  Anyway, it’s never a good idea to buy food hungry because you end up buying food you don’t really need.  Like fudge.

Which leads me to…

Ya know how when you’re trying to eat healthy and you are doing a pretty bang up job on the whole deal then you shop while hungry and buy fudge?  Then you go home and think “well, I’ll just eat ALL the fudge tonight so tomorrow I can start my bang up eating healthy deal again.”  Yea, me too.


Never again.

Saw today where Neil Armstrong has passed away.  Sad.  R.I.P. Neil.

I’m not sure about you but Obama scares the living shit out of me and I say let’s all pack up and get the hell out of here.  Who’s with me?  For the record – not a big fan of Romney either.  Regardless, a change of scenery would do me some good.

Also read this article today.  I’m telling you this black magic stuff is bad news and really, if you were going to do this wouldn’t you consider a smaller animal, like a mouse?  Less chance of getting caught, right?

And this just made me laugh out loud.  I’m the epitome of an over-thinkin’ woman.  I will think things to DEATH.  Drive my own self insane, I do.

In a tremendous amount of pain.  Back, hernia, blah blah.  I know tomorrow is going to be a take it easy sort of day.  Really frustrating, too.

That is all!


  1. I over think every thing too, and the fudge thing, I try, I mean I really try to eat healthy, but I have this sweet tooth, actually its everything tooth in my head, plus the rest of my mouth and digestive system, that just can’t function without ice cream, cake, etc. Love this post!


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