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I have a friend on Facebook who completely gets my weird.  Her name is Dorothy and she is totally awesome.  It’s always nice when someone gets me and she definitely does.

Dorothy knows I’m crocheting an afghan and she also crochets.

Last night she posted this on my wall:

I laughed out loud and thought “WTF?”  Why would anyone feel the need to crochet this scene from The Exorcist?

Then I got curious.  How many other bizarre crocheted projects are there?  I wasn’t disappointed.

Here’s a childbirth doll because who in the hell doesn’t need one of these?

And for the dude with a cold face that can’t grow his own beard…

Can’t believe these haven’t caught on in the fashion world…

Are these eyeballs and a hot water bottle???

And last but not least, just in case you can’t find toilet paper soft enough in the stores…


Happy Tacky Thursday!


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