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Home school in my world began on August 7th.  This year, I made the choice to go with all text and workbooks.  As Emily gets older and her studies progress, I feel it will be easier and more beneficial to her to have actual text used in schools.  So far, so good.  We’ve had a good time.  She’s smart and quick to learn.  I can’t help but wonder how long it will be before I’m too stupid to teach her.

Yesterday, Emily and I met my Daddy for breakfast.  We’re sitting at the table discussing school work…

EM:  Stop talking about this. I need a light and airy breakfast.

Funny, funny little kid.

After we got home, we were discussing a couple of homework assignments she’d completed.  They were supplements I’d created from her Social Studies textbook to further explore topics I didn’t feel her workbook had covered completely.  When we review things together, I ask her to read aloud to me the question, her answer and then we discuss.  As she was reading yesterday, she was reading a bit louder at one point and then at another she leaned a little.  I asked her what she was doing.

EM:  I’m reading what you’ve typed.  When it’s in all caps, it makes me want to read louder.  When I see italics, I feel the need to lean to the right.

Part of one of those supplements asked her to write a speech as if she were hoping to be elected as leader of a group and why she’d make a good leader.  Part of what she wrote was about acceptance & how she wouldn’t judge anyone based on their sexual orientation, religion, or color. It was an incredibly proud Mom Moment.

Em was doing her math & for whatever reason, I started telling her the story of when Denise’s Rottie sneezed on me…

EM:  Yea, that’s a great story but I’ve got work to do so can you shut up?

Recently I bought Em some microwave dinners.  At some point last night, she came into my bedroom and told me how much she liked this particular brand because it gave her the OPTION of letting it sit after it’s cooked and really, shouldn’t that be her choice? Apparently, she really hates it when her microwave dinners dictate what to do. Nothing I could do but laugh.

I love my kid.

After school was over, I began working on outlines for a series of short mystery stories I hope to write.  I came up with three different plots.  Truly excited about this!  I’ve created a title for the series and today will work on working titles for each story.

I also managed to get more notes written for the book Bret and I are writing together.  I love his ideas.  Today, I hope to get a good book summary written.  I’ve already got a working title for this, character bios are almost completed and I designed a book cover some time ago.

How in the hell do writers ever sleep?


    1. Isn’t it? I love it. I love how independent she is and how she INSISTS on thinking for herself. I’m sure I may regret saying this one day but for right now, I’m glad she’s so decisive and has no problem speaking her mind. In fact, I LOVE IT. However, check back w/ me when she’s a teenager. LOL!


      1. Totally picked up on the sarcasm LOL! I’ll get through it somehow. It’s just what parents do…probably w/ a lot of help from vodka, but we’ll survive! 😀


      2. I think Vodka would enhance your reaction to it… tread lightly LOL 🙂 There’s nothing so wonderful as having a premenstrual daughter who knows everything, confronting you like they’re grown. LOL !


      3. Oh honey, Em started her period when she was NINE. I’m already going through all of that & as an added bonus, we’re on the same cycle now. DOUBLE WHAMMY! lol I’m joking about the vodka. I enjoy a drink every now and then but just don’t have the energy to drink all the time.


      4. Oooh NO … hahaha! Interesting how mother nature has our cycles come together at the same time isn’t it?

        What was she thinking?


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