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My friends!  I finally did it.  I’ve created a book page on Facebook.  It’s called Lisa’s Bookbag.

You are all invited to “like” the page if you’re on Facebook and if you are interested in having yourself and your work featured, please let me know.  The title says book, but if you’ve written anything at all you’d like to share, I’d be more than happy to showcase it for you.

You can comment here on this post, or send me a friend request on Facebook or shoot me an email at

I’M EXCITED!  It’s already been received with a lot of positive feedback so I can’t wait until it really gets off the ground.  Also, if you’d be willing to share the link I would GREATLY appreciate that!

The first author is up.  His name is Leonard D. Hilley, II and he’s a good friend of mine.  I met him on MySpace years ago and have been a fan of his work since I read the first word of his first book.  Good stuff!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!


  1. I wish you lots of success with this new idea 🙂
    Of course I am not on FB but I still wish you all
    the very best my friend 🙂



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