A New Baby, an Afghan and a Trucker…

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Yesterday, we welcomed a new addition to our family.

Welcome to the world, Triston David Parks!

8 lbs., 6 oz and beautiful!  It’s amazing the joy a baby brings to the world, isn’t it?  Just a very pure and energetic kind of joy that only a little one can bring.  Triston’s Mom is my niece Abigayle, and I remember so clearly the day she was born.  Just incredible that she’s a Mom now & she’s going to be a fantastic Mom – no doubt.  Congratulations to Abi and Bryan!

Mom and baby

I’m working on an afghan that will, when I’m finished, fit a full-sized bed.  Is that actually an afghan or just a big ‘ol crocheted blanket?  I can’t decide but here it is so far:

I’ll edge it in black when I’m done and hoping I get it done before it gets cold.  Although, I live in Georgia so it may never get cold which makes this whole giant crocheted blanket a fat waste of time.  I’m enjoying it though and it’s keeping me off freakin’ Farmville so it’s all good.  Oh and cats?  Yarn?  Yea, that’s been fun!

This morning I woke up early – way early – so I could have morning coffee with Bret (truck driver, friend, maybe I’ll have a life with him one day???) and so we can discuss the book we’re writing.  We’ve not talked about it in quite some time and need to pick it back up.  I have so much I want to write.  My head is full.  FULL.  I need to start the process of getting these ideas out and on to paper.  Or on to laptop.  Bret is brilliant and has so many great ideas.  I’m lucky to have his help with this.  Hell, I’m lucky to call him a friend.  He’s just a great guy so…fingers crossed for book, fingers crossed for life together.

Happy Tuesday ya’ll & have a wonderful day!


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