Just Thinking (You’ve Been Warned)

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Tonight as I was goofing off on Facebook, which isn’t any different from most nights, I was suddenly struck by something I’d never really noticed before.  Or if I have noticed it I was in complete denial because this makes me old but the things I find humor in are not on the same level as the things that my younger friends find funny.  Am I just really uptight?  Or…God forbid…am I growing up?  (I’ve tried so hard to avoid this) Hard to know.

Someone sent me something that I found so unfunny that it was almost offensive.  Then I thought, “Really?  Is it that offensive or do I just have a big ‘ol stick up my ass?  I bet a lot of people think this is funny.”  I mean let’s face it, my sense of humor is pretty off the charts and I don’t easily offend so I’m left asking myself if I’m just finally getting old.

The person who sent it is a very good friend, one of my best friends.  Although he’s quite a bit younger than me, we do have things in common.  He’d NEVER offend me on purpose so somewhere in his head he thought I’d think what he sent was funny.   I love him tremendously and I’m by no means angry.  It’s just our age difference hit me weird tonight.

Just damn.  When did I change?

This growing older shit is for the damn birds.  I don’t love it.

It’s possible I’m kinda bummed about this.

In other news. I also decided tonight that I’m pretty glad I’m single.  No, it’s not fun being alone every single night but damn, any idea how much freakin’ trouble it is to share space with someone?  Jeez.  I’m a serious creature of habit and when I have to adjust my life and my OCD crap to fit someone else in, well…it’s a complete pain in the ass.  Yes, it’s great (mostly) when Franky is here but the amount of shit I have to go through to make room for him is unreal AND he comes and goes so I have to do this several times a year.  If he’d stay put it’d be easier.  I could get used to it in time, I’m sure but it’s like starting over every time he comes back.  Just ick.  It’s not fun.  Not fun at all I say!   I love him but hell, STAY STILL ALREADY DUDE.

Exactly how selfish does this make me anyway?  At the very least, it makes me a bad sharer.

In case you need some tuneage, here’s what’s playing tonight.  Enjoy.


  1. I’m always amused by people that tell ethnic jokes then get upset by a joke about their ethnicity.
    It’s quite possible what he posted just wasn’t funny…


    1. This was a religious thing. While I’m not all about holy-rollin’ I still believe in God. He doesn’t.

      And you have a good point. I don’t understand the whole “it’s okay for me but not okay for you” way of thinking. People are weird.

      Hope you’re doing well! xo


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