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I still have yet to find my writing mojo.  It is gone and by gone I mean it feels like I’ll never feel it again.  I’d made decent progress on the book I was writing then lost the desire to go further.  I had been blogging every day and then lost that desire, as well.  It blows and when I say it blows I mean it makes me incredibly sad.  I know the thing to do or the thing people say to do is to just sit down and write.  I’ve given that advice myself but blah blah whatever…that doesn’t work for me.  I have to have an idea in my head to write about.  I can’t just pull that shit out of thin air.  Or a blank page.  Whichever.

Anyway…news anyone?

I recently had to have my Lucky Puppy put to sleep.  She was old and it was just time.  HARD decision to make but it is never right to let an animal suffer no matter how much we love them.  I had her cremated by herself and was able to bring her back home.  R.I.P. Lucky.

I do have good news!

Had lunch with someone who is super important to me.  His name is Paul.  We dated about a gajillion years ago and I’ll forever love him.  This is us a gajillion years ago:

It was a wonderful time!  This is us:  Paul, Denise (my best friend), Em (you all know her) and me.  Ate at Olive Garden and I believe right after this was taken the waitress dropped Paul’s camera.  Thanks lady!

Now I want to ask all of you to share the Bloggy Love and welcome my adopted daughter, Jeannie, to WordPress!  She’s AMAZING & I love her muchly!  She’s created her own photography blog, Wolfen Photography, and she’s got some fantastic photos here so PLEASE stop by, say hi to her.  This is her.  Isn’t she stunning?

For those that still follow me – THANK YOU!  Let us all hope and pray this particular blog is the jump start I need to get my ass in gear!  I do hope you all are doing well.  I miss you!


  1. It’s good to see you, Lisa, and I’m glad you’re well. Very sorry to hear about your puppy.

    If you don’t feel like writing, it leaves you plenty of time to go read all the great books you haven’t had a chance to yet! And maybe even find some good ideas to set you off again!

    Ok off to check out the wolfen blog…


    1. Thank you sir! I was just sitting here reading your Trifecta entry. Excellent work! 🙂 I’ve been reading a LOT lately but I miss writing terribly. Thanks for checking out Wolfen. YOU ROCK! xo


  2. I’m sorry about Lucky Puppy. I grew up with my dog, Blacky, for 15 years when he died. It’s like losing a family member.
    I think we all go through that blah-non-writing period. I’m starting to slip out of mine finally but I still have those days when it’s just not there.


    1. Yes ma’am it is. Just like family. Glad you are slipping out of your writing blahs. I hope I am. I decided I’m just going to make myself post a blog every morning even if it’s rambling. At least it’ll be something!


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