Happy Sunday…

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Needed to thank everyone, especially El Guapo and Hobbler, for being so understanding of my recent bad mood.  You guys are AMAZING!   (My apologizes for not linking back to your blogs…not sure if this is a me issue, a WP issue or just Google Chrome acting crazy but I can’t seem to do it)

Thank you to everyone who hung in there with me.

Here’s where I’m at…

Basically, that’s what I’ve done.  Pulled my head out of my ass and yea…screw it!  My mood is only going to be crap if I let it right?

Headed to the mountains today and I believe the weather is going to be really nice so I’m looking forward to it.

Wishing you all a fantastic day!


  1. Getting out in nature is a wonderful stress reliever. Also, I will toast to you “making your bad mood your bitch” I think that and Joe’s “Not letting assholes get in the way” are going to be my life mottos. At least on the bad blog. Love you Lisa!


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