Interesting Night…Sort Of

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So I’m way WAY behind on my blog comments, right?  I know…need to reply to many of you and I will.  Promise.  Last night, I logged into here to read them and what do you know?  I find some nasty comments from people I used to work with.  What I found interesting is they were written by a dude who was so far down on the staff food chain I never even worked with him or spoke to him.  He got his information from another person I barely ever spoke to so I can only assume, from what I read, she was given information from someone else who was clueless.  Initially I was just pissed off.  I do not bother them, they need not bother me.  I’ve not given them a single thought since I left and quite honestly have been a much happier person since I’ve not had to deal with them.  So, after having a friend remind me it’s just their negativity trying to suck me in AGAIN, I realized I was wasting energy on something that was simply not worth it.  So to all of you gossip mongers who, for whatever reason, seem to find my life interesting – THANK YOU!  I am so honored that you all spend so much time thinking of me!  I feel so unprepared here for a speech as I don’t think of you AT ALL.

Day 2 of the giving up caffeine thing and can I just say Sprite sucks?  Ok, not really but it’s not Coke and just bleck.  I drank a lot of water yesterday.

It’s Friday ya’ll!  Have a kick ass day!


  1. I gave up coffee after i had my first sip at age 14. It was the easiest habit kicking experience in my life, and I’ve never had so much as another sip in my life. Good for you, there are too many addictive foods and drinks, let alone other vices, and giving up on addictive things is never easy.


  2. Girl, she’s jealous of ya. Why else talk crap?? People are strange that way. You keep being you & remember, it ain’t your problem. It’s hers!
    Have a great weekend!


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