Must Share a Funny…

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I will not bore you all with more insanity concerning this accident/insurance debacle but I had to share this with you.

The car I picked up the other day is just a loaner. I got it from a car dealer friend of my father’s. Here is the car.

Kinda cute, eh?

Now here is the tag the dealer put on the car. I am convinced it is my punishment for making fun of people who are bad spellers. There was NOTHING I could say because the guy said “Pick any car you want, I’ll get the key. Keep it as long as you need to.” He was so nice, all I could do was SMH and drive off the lot.

It’s mortifying…but OH SO FUNNY!


  1. Oh no! But bahahahahahahaha….I would be mortified. Either that, or I would get some sort of blow-up doll and sit it in the passenger seat so I didn’t look like a loner πŸ˜‰ The frightening part is…he might think that is how you actually spell “loaner”.


  2. Now you have to play up the part.
    Wear a long duster, and a cowboy hat. whenever you get out of the car, face into the wind and grit your teeth for a moment, then stride purposefully away.
    “Who’s that, Mommy?” asks the side eyed child
    “Oh, that’s…The Loner” answers the envious mom.


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