Too Tired Thursday…

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Ugh…ask me if I’m dragging ass this morning?

The answer would be yes.

It’s hot here in Georgia.  Too hot for March.  Will be up in the 80s over the weekend.  I’m less than thrilled about it.

I’ll tell you a secret about myself…when I get too hot, I cry.  Actual real tears.  I do not know why, but it happens.  I hate heat.  There is no AC in my room.  The fan wasn’t enough last night so at some point, I was awake and crying because it was so hot.

When I did doze off, I had bad dreams.

Worst.  Night. Ever.

But, don’t fret because there is good news!

Finally, I’ve got a rental car and it is NICE.  It’s a Town & Country mini-van with electronic everything plus satellite radio and a DVD player.  I’ve almost decided to not return it and just be a fugitive with a really kick ass car!  Okay, not really.  I don’t get into the criminal thing, but it is fun to drive.  You’d not think a mini-van would be so much fun but this one is.

So off to work I go this morning.

Will leave you with this.  My daughter wrote something else last night and I wanted to share.  This just blew me away…she’s only 11 years old.  What insight for a kid:

I need touch, a simple reminder of love,

I need pain, a simple reminder of tears,

I need fear, a simple reminder of my paranoia,

I need scars, a simple reminder of how I braved this world,

I need you, to know how to love.

Pretty amazing and I’m not just saying that because she’s my kid.  Okay, I am but still…I believe we’ve got a writer in the family.

Wishing you all a beautiful day!


  1. Another great piece from your daughter – and great that you’re encouraging her!

    On a another note, try not to be so enthralled – it’s a minivan.
    Just sayin…


  2. I’m glad you got your car! I get irritable and short tempered in the head and then I need to sleep. 🙂 OR find some where cool and then it’s an almost instant attitude adjustment when I cool off.

    That’s a very smart young lady you have there, very nice. 🙂


  3. Talk to the hand, honey, talk to the hand….. 😆

    Last week looked like this: mid 80’s M/T/W; SNOW T/F.

    Today, we’re at 88.

    Last year, we had over 100 days of 100 degree + temps. We had over 4 solid months with 95 degrees plus.

    I would literally die without AC, so that prolly makes you braver than me. We very nearly turned ours on overnight so we could sleep last night, but it’s just too darn early!! You were probably dreaming about being in hell with all that heat, so it stands to reason you’d have bad dreams.

    Does the van have AC? I’d be willing to bet you could sleep in there……


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