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I’m sorry but this just reeks of racism, in my opinion.

Or it could have “stupid dude with gun went on an ego-fueled power trip” written all over it.

Possibly even means they chose a Neighborhood Watch captain who simply had no sense.  Oh wait, did I just state the obvious?

Do we wanna go for a three-fer and assume all of the above are correct?

If this guy called 911, he was likely told to stay in his car like the article says.  That is just protocol for any dispatch.  Pretty sure no dispatch officer is going to tell someone who reports a suspicious person to get out of their car and confront said suspicious person.

Who is protecting who (or is that whoM?) here?  911 tape isn’t being released by the police department and what do you want to bet it mysteriously goes missing?

Sorry, but this white guy profiled and we all know profiling is WRONG.  (Video to follow)

Seriously, this situation pisses me off in a big way and I’m praying that this idiot who shot and killed this kid is arrested, charged and convicted of murder only to spend the rest of his idiot life rotting in a cell.

But to lighten the mood, here is Ron White’s story about he was profiled…


    1. Oh my, can imagine there are hundreds if not thousands of incidents like this we never hear about. I made light of it, in a way, by posting the Ron White video but it really does anger me in ways that are hard to describe. When I read that article it was like WOW…there just can’t be any other explanation for this. If all that kid had on him was candy and a drink & there was no weapon then there was NO justification in shooting him. None. And even if this watch guy was defending himself in some manner, shoot the kid in the kneecaps to stop him but don’t shoot him point blank in the chest and kill him. It’s just insane and I honestly hope he is held accountable for what he’s done.


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