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Don’t let the title of this blog fool you.  I don’t think getting tagged is rude!  In fact, I enjoy it and am always honored with my fellow bloggers tag me.  In my head, it just means they are interested in what I have to say and that really is an honor.

Most recently, I was tagged my MrMary of A Spoonful of Suga.  He’s another great blogger who’s posts are a must read.  To answer his questions:

1. What is your favorite obscure word in English at the moment? I love the words pedagogy and pedagogics.  Simple enough meaning but I seldom ever heard those words.

2. When you ask someone for their opinion do you honestly want it?  I don’t ever ask for an opinion unless I want it and even then, I usually only ask certain people with whom I can trust.  Which means if I don’t ask for one – don’t give it!

3. Would you:

Call me Big Daddy when you back that azz up?

C’mon Big Daddy! 

Drop it like it’s hot, drop drop it like it’s hot ?

Chill a your local bar/watering hole and drink with the infamous MrMary

4. Aside from MrMary, What, Who Inspires You? – no candy-ass answers – soem real nitty gritty shit please – j/k

My no-candy ass answers:  My parents, my daughter, Ozzy Osbourne, and my fellow bloggers.

My candy-ass answers:  Garfield (the cat) and the person who invented Blunt Cards – there is one for every occasion and they’re better than a Hallmark card.

5. Is the glass half empty or half full? (you can’t answers its 100% backwash that’s my answer)  Doesn’t matter.  While you half- empty/half- full people were sitting around debating the issue, this opportunist just drank what’s in the glass!  Seriously though, I consider myself a glass half-full kind of person.  Staying positive makes a difference.

6. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?  Three things:  I’d eliminate all cruelty, stupidity and organized religion.  If the world had less of these things, we’d likely have no war at all.

7. What’s the strangest talent you have?  One that I can’t mention here in a blog!

8. Is there one thing all of your love interests have had in common?  They’ve all turned out to be complete and utter douchebags.

9. How do you eat your cookie? (In retrospect dirty question)  Hmmmm…this COULD potentially be a loaded question, however; for the sake of my not quite so perverted blogger friends, I’ll just go with my mouth. 

10. How do you feel about your life right now?  There’s always something I would change as nothing is ever perfect, but for the most part, I’m happy.

11. What did you dream last night?  Nothing that I recall. 

Now, on to the “rude” part of this blog.

I’m going to skip tradition a bit and go with another angle on this tagging thing.  Instead of asking those “get to know you” kinds of questions, I though it’d be interesting just to get feedback on how you all would react or have reacted when asked rude questions.

Recently, I read an article on the Circle of Moms website about how parents, mostly moms, have responded to rude questions.  Their answers were pretty good!

I’m always intrigued and mostly astounded when people have the audacity to inquire about certain aspects of a person’s life that is none of their business.  My natural reactions are to either reply with sarcasm (there is some kind of genetic thing I’ve got going on where my sarcasm switch is mostly flipped to the “on” position) or to simply ask The Rude Offender the same question in an effort to maybe help them see how impolite they are.

According to this article, the Top 5 Most Rude Questions are:

1.  How much do you weigh?

2.  How much money do you make?

3.  What size are those pants?

4.  What’s wrong you with/are you sick?

5.  How old are you?

BONUS QUESTION:  When is your baby due?  (Asked of women who are NOT pregnant)  I’ve never been asked this before while not pregnant but once, when I was pregnant and was at that point where I was huge, about to pop and completely sick of total strangers coming up to me and touching my belly (WHY DO PEOPLE DO THAT??) a woman asked me when my baby was due.  I just looked at her and said, “I’m not pregnant.”  We were on an elevator, she had NOWHERE to run and it was quite funny watching her squirm!

But I digress…

I won’t tag everyone but I’m hoping you guys will respond in the comments.

How do you handle rude questions?

What is the rudest question you’ve been asked?

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


  1. i counter rude question with equally rude answers. I’ve never been asked when I’m due aside from that one date I went on in high, wasn’t so much pregnant as backed up. Also i have a blank face/scowl so no approaches. Its like Roosevelts speak softly but carry a big stick/ deterrence policy


    1. Ditto. I apparently have that same “do not approach” me look, as well. Or so I’ve been told. I had one friend say to me once, “You know, you walk around w/ a look on your face that just makes you look really bitchy.” If this is true, so be it. Just means I deal with stupid people less than others!


  2. Hahaha loved your answers – I don;t get #9….does that mean I’m not perverted? cause …crap – I have the answer for rude questions and I will be back …. I will.. I need to find it..and go pee.


      1. you think so? really ? cause all the other kids are and I just – DON’T GET NUMBER 9!!!!! See I told you I’d be back and here I’m…busting out my inner Lizzie – I just layed it all on the poor unsuspecting possible junkies omg what have I done!!!! I hope I didn;t scare them away – do you think I scared them away… somebody said I was retarded…not my word theirs….it was kinda funny tho cause I am RUBBER…and you know what that means riiiighhhhht? they..are GLUE!!! BAM!! i need help… 🙂


      2. oh sorry I was gonna reply to your rude questions – not YOUR rude questions..THE….
        1. I’m grown.
        2. I’m grown
        3. GROWN
        4. Yes as a matter a fact I AM..I got a day pass from the Happy place and ditched my handlers…I have scissors and I AM SICK IN THE HEAD!!!!!! ANYMORE RUDE QUESTIONS???HUH????DOn;t MAKE me take my clothes off….
        5. OLD enough not to give a monkeys butt about your silly rude questions. 😛

        Not my best work but I am under a little bit of a strain right now….
        BONUS – when it;s GROWN!!!


      3. YAY! there is something the matter with my notifications bar… it is stuck or something… do you think i have enough cleavage..ummm leverage to give a list of demands to WP? or would that be rude?


  3. Great, great answers, Lisa!
    In response to yours:
    – Enough to not fall off the planet.
    – Enough to hire someone to shoot you
    – Not sure, but they’re a little tight in the crotch. (I’m a guy)
    – You/ will you go away if I say yes?
    – As old as my tongue and a little bit older as my teeth/ As old as dirt.
    (Someone once said the dirt one to me, and I thought it was the coolest response to that. )


  4. I can honestly say no one has ever had the nerve to ask me any of the rude questions you listed above. However, the rudest question wasn’t really a question, I’m originally from the Appalachian Mountains and have an accent which is worse when I’m tired or don’t feel good), when I first moved to New Mexico I worked for a man who mocked me any time I said a word ending with an “I” sound (Like pie, why, etc.) and it wasn’t a joke, he did it in a very condescending way. and yes, I was offended.


    1. My initial thought when I read it was if I could eat my own “cookie” what the hell would I need Franky for? That’s where my head went. As for what MrMary meant…not quite sure!


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