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The Hobbler gave out a fill-in-the-blanks writing challenge a few days ago and what I’ve come up with is more insane than my Search Terms Love Story.  I didn’t think it was possible to out-goof myself but somehow I managed to do just that.  

Today I went on a trip to the Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge, TN.

It really is such a beautiful (not really) building. When I got in, it was obvious that this day was going to be all about confusing the hell out of me. First I was met by a lovely woman who after talking for a while, wanted to walk with me in the hallways but this damn building is upside down and it just got too confusing.

When we returned to the room, I could tell that we were about to roll completely upside down so I asked her to please take me to a right side up place where I wouldn’t be so dizzy.

When it was all done, she left, and a man came into the room. He started checking me out, and soon was asking me all about myself. He told me that I looked disoriented yet sexy, and called me sweetie a few times. When he was done, he said that I was better and nuttier than a port-o-potty at a peanut festival.

Shortly after that, I was taken to another room where I was told by a different man that I had beautiful shins.   He also had a job to do, and when he was done, he asked if I wanted a foot massage or another tour of that ridiculous upside down building.

Later a woman did other bizarre and unwelcomed experiments to me. She poked and prodded all over the place, and said that I was firm and well built in some areas and squishy in others.

I went on another walk a little later, and now I am sitting here cell phone typing while I relax and wait for them to talk about me behind my back and bring those random chickens in.

All in all, it has been a pretty strange day.

*Update: Now that I am home and away from those weird folks, I feel safer and settled down. Next time I think I will make my own damn travel arrangements.

This is the Wonderworks in case you were wondering.  It’s a real place.


      1. Yes, it was weird though. I don’t know if it was just a result of the long day, or a possible medication effect, my husband thought I was just way dehydrated, but yesterday evening I felt really bad. I don’t usually get that way.


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