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Might wanna make that a couple of cupcakes.  They must be chocolate.  Shit better work, too.

Today, I’ve had a headache in my entire body.  Really.  Not even making that up.

This insurance nightmare is ALMOST to an end.  I know now they will provide a rental car.  Next step is negotiating the settlement.  My Daddy, who I KNOW is right, feels I should ask for a bit more than they are offering.  It isn’t much more at all and the reasons for this make perfect sense.  The problem is I’m not a haggler.  I mean I’ve got a big mouth and I seldom have a problem saying what’s on my mind but this negotiating thing just isn’t my bag.  I’ll do it.  I’ll do it because it is the right thing to do and because Daddy advised me to do so, but I’m not excited about it.  I’ll face this hurdle tomorrow.

Man, ya gotta wonder how many times I can work the word “do” into a couple of sentences.  Jeez.

Franky was drunk last night and can I just say I wanted to staple his mouth shut?  Ok.  I wanted to staple his mouth shut.  Just a jackass.  Had he been here I probably would’ve hidden his liquor.  I may have done this before.  Shhhhh…let’s not tell him.  If I can keep this a secret then I’ll be able to do it again when he’s home and I feel the need.  FACT:  it is VERY entertaining.  Well, for me anyway.  I’ve not spoken to him today.  I don’t expect I will.  This is perfectly acceptable.

Remember the blog I wrote about the things that annoy me?  Well, Boo Boo has written an entire story…A WHOLE STORY about the things that annoy me and it is quite funny.  I’ll be sharing it soon.  I swear she cracks me up.  She never fails to give me a reason to smile. It’s great to have friends like that isn’t it?  I’m just so blessed!

I know Hotspur and I think His El Guapoship have both written blogs about comments on items for sale on Amazon.  (It’s possible I made that up about El so if I did, my apologizes and if he hasn’t, he outta because the dude is just brilliant funny).  I was going to check out some comments from buyers on eBay but have instead decided to go the Craigslist route.  I’ll be posting this blog soon, I hope.  The human race is in trouble people!  You’d not believe the stuff I’ve found!  YIKES!

I also need to finish the search terms blog suggested by The Hobbler.  She always comes up with the best ideas!

And I’ve also found an interesting article on how to deal with people who ask rude questions.  Would love to get everyone’s input on how you guys might answer some of them.

Hoping you all have had a great day!  I’m just about positive I’m going to bed early tonight.  Tomorrow will be an early day and it damn well needs to be a better one than the past few days have been.  We’ll see.


  1. Alas, that was the Hotspur. And his post is hilarious.
    Usually, he writes the funny, but this one he just had to cut and paste.
    I was thinking about trolling the religion section to see what kind of reviews there were there…

    For rude people, I usually give a raised eyebrow, then turn away and ignore them.
    And if you staple Franks mouth shut, please take a picture. Truly, a Kodak moment!


  2. Oh yes pictures! Damn Guapman – you are becoming a living legend – that’s not easy ya know, usually you have to be dead…to be a legend I mean, not a living legend..OBVIOUSLY……

    Lisa- Cadbury makes those creme eggs – which I love, with chocolate creme – perfect backup for the cupcake – and if that doesn’t work – try two… you can’t HELP but feel better. at least til the sugar rush wears off but the minis are good for that….

    Buck upi lil camper – tomorrow is a new day 🙂


  3. Love the vodka and chocolate cupcake idea, but I’m more of a white wine with my chocolate or red if that’s all there is, sorry about the headache, feel better


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