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Try as I might, there is just no getting away from what people consider news-worthy.  I’ve read a couple of articles lately that have just irritated me.  This isn’t new with the news since it’s often filled with, well…shit, to put it bluntly.  This world is just a sad, sad place.

The first article that pissed me off was this one.  It talks about Food Police at an elementary school.  It seems a child’s sack lunch that she brought from home was taken away from her and she was forced to buy a school lunch.  That’s right!  Someone took this kid’s lunch away.  Why, you ask?  Because the Food Police did not feel the lunch she brought from home met certain guidelines that some idiot somewhere created.  This child was FOUR.  Four years old!  Can you imagine how confused she must’ve been?  Possibly even a bit scared?  MADE to purchase and eat processed food?

A portion of the article reads:

The USDA’s guidelines state that sack lunches brought from home must contain one serving of meat, one serving of milk, one serving of grain, and two servings of either fruit or vegetables. While the young girl’s lunch contained cheese, it did not contain “milk,” and also only contained one serving of fruit, which is presumably why the agent felt it necessary to confiscate her lunch and force her through the cafeteria line. At the same time, the Division of Child Development reportedly stated in a later review that the girl’s lunch appears to have met all the guidelines, and that the confiscation was unwarranted.

Are ya kidding me with this shit?  And people wonder why I home school my daughter.  Every single day I feel more and more justified in keeping Emily out of public schools.  So to everyone who feels I’m doing it wrong…BITE ME.  At least I know my kid isn’t being harassed during her lunch hour by some government douchebag who wants to take her food away from her for no good reason.

The 2nd article I read that bugged me was this one.  This family chose to air out their drama in this woman’s obituary.  Seriously??  Grow up people!  If you had a problem with the woman or your siblings, is this really the time to deal with that?  Wouldn’t it have been a lot less selfish and immature to maybe say some kind things about this woman in HER obituary?  Maybe give the people you’re pissed off at a phone call?  Keep your crap out of the media?

PEOPLE ARE STUPID.  I pray this woman haunts her family for all eternity.  Not in a nice way either.  In a mean, poltergeist-y kind of way.

More stupid…

It seems there is some kind of money-greedy service now that will sell you an accident report.  Nevermind the fact I can get them for free all day long from the police department.  Or, I can get my report once and then print as many copies as I want.  Nope, this company wants me to buy one.for $10.00.  Please, never fall for this ever.  I beg you.  If you’re in an accident, just hang on and wait for the police to do their job and get your report for free.  You might wonder how this so-called business found me.  So do I.  I’d sure as hell never sign up for something like this.  In my mind, they are the equivalent to ambulance-chasers.  You know, those attorneys who almost literally chase down accident victims just to get the first shot at representing them in court?  Sleazebags, indeed!

This doesn’t count as nonsense, but does make me proud.  Our police officers in Douglas County kick ass.  If you are stupid enough to attempt this then you deserve to get caught.  These dudes are lucky one of our K9s didn’t go after them…our canine cops are dangerous!

Ya gotta wonder, huh?

Some people, I swear!


  1. Love this! You go girl, I’m right beside you all the way. I’m currently having trouble with spam in my e-mail from supposedly ‘business’ websites. I block them and then they change just 1 freakin letter or symbol and bamm! there they are again in my email. And if you try to click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link it takes you to their homepage and there’s no where to unsubscribe unless you sign up for their services and then cancel-I would love just 5 minutes alone with these people. You know what they say…’you can’t fix stupid.’
    Thank for letting me vent. Have a great day! 😉


  2. Are you fricking KIDDING ME? argghhhh If someone took my kids lunch away becasue I didn;t pack it according to ….WHEN THE HELL did the Government get to say what a kid….oh dear lord I’m crawling back under my rock….


  3. That child’s lunch should have been taken away. I heard it didn’t follow the food pyramid guidelines. You know, that thing invented 40 years ago.

    Maybe those cops can taser whoever took away the kid’s lunch? I don’t think anyone would oppose.


  4. A. I can’t seem to close my mouth, my jaw hit the desk and got locked into place.
    B. Nice to traumatize a child and make them think they did something wrong or their parent was bad in some way. Utter morons.
    C. ROFL! the obituary? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Idiots. Nothing like eternal guilt and emotional discontent after the fact for the living.
    D. as to the accident report place, there’s a firm here where I am who trolls the new accident reports and then sends out skeery letters to potential new clients to suck them in so they file a lawsuit. neat huh? You wonder, is that … smart or smarmy. I’d go with the later.


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