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If you read this, you’re it!  Ok, this isn’t tag BUT according to Mystery Coach we’re playing this by the honor system so if you read my blog, that makes it your turn now!

I need to say a quick thank you to Mystery Coach, too.  She left a comment on my Blah blog that made me feel a bit better about this delayed reaction to the car wreck last week.  So, thank you!

(Borrowing from MC) THE RULES: (Hate rules, lets call them guidelines shall we? Thank you.)

1. Add the logo
2. Share something about yourself
3. Go through the alphabet describing yourself.

4. Pass the award to other worthy bloggers ~ Done.  Remember – if’n you read this, it’s now your turn!

The Share: Currently I’m pissed off because the insurance people just called and want to give us a check that in no way shape or form will get us another car.  Stupid assholes.

A – Aggravated
B – Brave
C – Colorful
D – Daring
E – Easy (To get along with!  Don’t get excited!  Sheesh!)
F – Fun
G – Gabby
H – Helpful
I – Imperfect
J – Jolly
K – Kind
L – Lovely
M – Melodic (I sing and play piano)
N – Naughty
O – Off-beat
P – Protective
Q – Queasy (I ate pizza for breakfast and just YUCK)
R – Romantic (It’s true…I do have my moments!)
S – Sleepy (It’s already naptime)
T – Talented
U – Unarmed (Again, true.  I have no weapons)
V – Valuable
W – Wicked
X –  Xenodochial
Y – Yeasty (and this does not mean full of yeast!)

Z – Zealous

It might interest you to know that I sang my way through the alphabet just now to be sure I didn’t miss one.  What would be hilarious is if I missed one anyway.

Now, because I got bored and I’ve no car and can’t leave my house I created a different award to go with this.  You absolutely don’t have to use it or anything.  I just did it because I could.  Here it is:

This is just because I could, too…


  1. Ok, I know you said, Tag, but I just did an ABC Award yesterday. I have nothing left to say about myself, admittedly I have narcissistic moments, I’m usually not too self absorbed, so, Love your post, don’t take that insurance check, make them pay for a new car (at least new to you and meets your needs). Have a great day, hope things get better for you.


  2. This is soooo good! I knew you could do it and the new one you made is very pretty, the logo thingy? 🙂

    Most insurance companies give you what’s called a blue book value, minus deductibles on your vehicle. Your car was totalled? (Meaning it’s irreparable?) Most carriers use this book…

    And there are deductions based on year, mileage, and … hmmm… I”m not sure but definitely those two. LOL 🙂

    You’re welcome for the comment the other day about trauma to the body. If you’ve opened a claim with your carrier, I don’t know what it’s like in your state, there will probably be an insurance deductible with the doctors up to a certain percentage. When you do go to the doctor’s office, based on how your policy is set up, you give the doctor your insurance information for the CAR first and your health care insurance as a secondary insurance. There is a portion of the bill which will be your responsibility up through a certain amount. Here in jersey it’s 20% of the first 5k. So, co-pay & deductibles are 1,200.00 You see?

    Remember something important when you talk to your adjuster. 🙂 You be nice to them, they’ll be nice to you (most of the time) they have 1000’s of claims on their desk and the last thing you want to do is have them look at your name on a file and be like… @$#@%@ LOL 🙂

    Look up the value of your car in blue book or google it too. I’m not sure they’ll give you full value but at least you’ll have a comparison. I don’t know if you’re going to sue the other driver but that’ll take a while. 🙂 So, get a comfy recliner chair and know that it’s a process… I hope I didn’t confuse you too much! 🙂


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