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Trifecta has a list of questions to answer before we link up.  Here they are (sort of) along with my answers:

My name, the real one, is Lisa Summerlin.  I did consider a fake name but decided to go with the name I was given.  Writing is personal for me and using my real name just works and feels comfortable. Besides, I’m not sure I’m creative enough to come up with some creative, jazzy fake name that won’t sound ridiculous.

Writing style in three words?  Hmmmm…scattered, heartfelt, evolving.

Online writing:  I don’t guess we should count the millions of clever Facebook status updates I’ve written, huh?  I’ve been writing online for over a year.  Originally for a company I did volunteer work for (I wrote their blogs) but dropped that.  My blog, Road to Nowhere, was created in December 2011.

Improving my writing:  learning new words…bigger words…smarter words.  I’m thinking I need to start reading the dictionary.  Probably, I could also use a lesson in punctuation.  I doubt myself in that area a lot.  Yes, I know the question asked for one way but I listed two.  (I wasn’t asked if I had the ability to follow directions).

Writing Advice:  I don’t recall much writing advice because I’ve not really thrown myself out there (as me) before I started Road to Nowhere.  I do get a ton of encouragement though and am ALWAYS open to advice!  Bring it on…PLEASE!

Favorite Author:  Just one?  Is this a serious question?  There are so many!  Nora Roberts, Dean Koontz, Christopher Paolini, Janet Evanovich, Joanne Fluke, Sandra Brown, Lillian Jackson Braun, Lisa Gardner, Ozzy Osbourne (that’s right!  I said Ozzy!  He’s written several books and none of them sucked), Arthur Conan Doyle, Sue Grafton…must I go on?  There is NO way to pick just one favorite.  Can’t do it.  Sorry!

Making time:  super easy in the sense that I just do.  Writing is necessary.  It’s a requirement and a regular part of my daily routine.

One word to use as a prompt:  plethora.  It’s one of my favorite words!

The one blog I’d direct everyone to is the one I wrote about my Daddy.  It’s the one I’m most proud of simply because I’m so proud of being his daughter.  There was a mega ton of love behind that blog.

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