What a Day…

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My father has always said “You just never know what a day is going to bring.”

How very true.

Today, my daughter and I were on our way to pick up my check and we were in a car accident.  We’re okay.  Emily was a bit freaked out when it first happened.  She seemed fine by the time we got home but she’s sleeping with me tonight and that’s okay.  My collar bone is sore where the seat belt was because I got flung forward when the other car hit us and the seat belt locked.  BUT…we’re okay.  Car?  Not so much.

My poor baby.  Her first wreck.

I felt terrible for the girl that hit us.  She’s just a college kid.  Accident was her fault and she got ticketed.  Her insurance rates will probably go through the roof and BONUS:  her court date in on her 21st birthday.  How sad is that?  She was so upset and so scared when it happened.  This was her first accident, too.  She had no choice but to admit it was her fault but like my best friend Denise and my Mom said – maybe this needed to happened and she’ll be a more careful driver in the future.  Still, I did feel for her in a big way.

Denise – this is Madame X to any of you who read my “Best Friend’s Car” post – rescued us.  Em and I were very close to where our office is (Denise and I work together) so she picked us up after the tow truck left.  Took us to get my checked cashed and to run errands.  I swear that woman pulls my ass out of the fire more than she should!

I’m blessed.  Very blessed.

Also…while at Walmart this evening I caught my own contestant for People of Walmart.  Yep, was behind her in line.  Took this with my cell phone.  Came home and made a little edit.   That’s her!   Have you seen the video?


  1. That’s so scary…I’m so glad everyone was okay. It chokes me up just thinking about it. Like I told WhatIMeantToSay, no one that I know in the blog world is allowed to die…and I’m adding get seriously hurt to the banned list. So glad you are okay.


  2. oh MY GOSH! i am so glad you are ok…. Isn’t it true what your father said? sometimes I get a little chocked up and sometimes even scared because I think about how we all share our lives here – and we have our people we see each day but maybe never meet because they are geographically not even in the realm of running over for a cup of coffee – and if they just werent around anymore how would you know – when someone in my routine isn;t there I worry about them – and if they never came back and ….the loss would be as difficult as in the physical realm – I agree with Hobbler – there outta be a rule – everyone needs to sign a pledge…..ok sorry just thinking out loud and …I am so berry glad you and Emily are ok. ANd that Denise was there to help…… and you smelled great during the whole thing 😉 Peace….


      1. Trying so hard to not bust out laughing @ the nuts! Em is sleeping w/ me tonight and she can be so grouchy if I wake her up when she’s not ready to be awake!

        You’re right. There should be some kind of system in place to alert each other when something happens. I feel the same way you guys do…if someone goes missing, I’m gonna worry!

        It’s weird yet wonderful how we can make such good friends online even though we’ll likely never meet in person. I’ve truly made some incredible friends on Facebook and now here. Just an awesome thing!


      2. thats true – its a weird concept for me though… but think of how much better understanding it gives us of the world – we interact with people that …even in highschool I had no concept of something like this…and its amazing to feel so different and be a cast out…and becasue in our physical everyday life we are limited so once that happens thats where we stay…in my case , i would have probably ended up a lonely bitter old woman with 500 cats ….(2 already 🙂 ) or maybe I would have given up from just being tired and knowing the statistics of my particular disorder.. if not for being here and finding out i am not an island – i have people…and I can be me and find that the same qualities that condemn me with some – are appreciated by others….somedays – most days i would rather hang out with my blogbuddies than even talk to the people that have already let me know that i m some kind of freak here- it’s amazing and cool beans …i don’lt even know what some of my people look like – or sound like..but I feel like I would recognize them if i passed them on the street …and then I realize how very fragile that can be…when they arent where they are supposed to be…..~sigh~


      3. Wow, can so relate to everything you said. Well said, too. I love having the opportunity to meet and make new friends online. Different cultures, interesting lives, different opinions and ways of thinking and writing…it’s all so wonderful. Honey, there are days when I only talk to my online friends! You don’t sound in the least bit bitter to me and you need more cats. I’ve got 10! 😀 Ya gotta catch up girl if you’re gonna do the Cat Lady thing! LOL!


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