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UPDATE:  I changed my graphic…did anyone else notice I misspelled lavender on the first one???  LOL!

LizzieC, one of my favorite bloggers, posted an interesting blog the other day.  It smelled.  Really.  If you stopped and thought about what she wrote, you could smell her blog!  No scratching needed!  All you need is a good imagination and she’s got a great one.

She asked other bloggers to design their signature scent.  Her questions and my answers are below:

  1. What are the traits about yourself that you would like to convey in the Eu de you perfume?  Strong yet not overpowering, calm yet spirited, subtle but also bright. I like antiques so something with a vintage flair would be nice.
  2. When you think of these traits, what scents come to mind?  Patchouli, flowers (lilac, lavender), cinnamon, musk.
  3. So give us a formula for your perfect scent.  Musk, patchouli, just a hint of something flowery – I believe I’d go with a hint of lavender.
  4. What colors do you associate with it?  Earth tones, purples.
  5. What forms would you offer it in?  Lotion, powder, body spray, candles and incense.
  6. How would you package it?  For one, I’d make it affordable because it seems insane (in my opinion) to spend a fortune for a good scent.  I’d offer the items in a set, as well as individually.  The packaging my scent came in would be biodegradable and environment-friendly. 
  7. And very important what would you name it?  Now that I’m reading over this I’d likely go with “Touch of Lavender.”  I Googled this so I’m pretty sure it’s original as I could not find another scent with this name.

Finally, fill in the blanks.   The smell of English Leather reminds me of my father and this is a good memory of my childhood. 

My packaging might look something like this (I so wish I had Photoshop!   This is the best I could do with what I have):

Now that was a fun!


  1. Yay! It smells lovely here 🙂 you had some very good points and thoughtful answers and a very appealing scent!! Didn;t even think of candles and incense :-0 which is silly cause I love that kind of stuff – aromatherapy all the way baby! affordable packaging and the lavender lends to the calm while the cinnamon says spirited ( I so sound like I know what I am talking about don;t I ? 😉 ISO cool you took it a step farther and added the packaging – Thanks so much for dong this I am goiing to see how many entries I have at the end of the day and then decide how to proceed from there but foir now? High Five!!! butt wiggle happy daNce and gee you smell terrific!


  2. I prefer body sprays to actual perfume. Some of the stuff I have now is cucumber-melon, but it seems a little to blah for me. used to love a body spray that smelled like cotton candy, but I grew out of that I think. I love Victoria’s Secret “Love Spell” scent now.


    1. Love cucumber-melon but for some reason I only like it in the shower. Weird I am! Do you think body sprays last longer for you? They do for me. That’s why I prefer them. I’ve not smelled “Love Spell.” There was this perfume that Avon/Mark made that was SO INCREDIBLE. They’ve quit making it AND I’ve forgotten the name of it. But, for a long time I held on to the empty bottle just so I could sniff it every once in awhile. Yes, again…weird me. But it was soooooo great!


      1. I don’t think that body sprays last longer, but I don’t like how strong a lot of the perfumes are. I also don’t think you are weird for keeping an empty bottle around…unless your house is completely full of them, and then I still don’t think you are weird…just a hoarder. 😉


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