Best Friend’s Car…

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We’ll call her Madame X.

Madame X gave me a pep talk a couple of nights ago about being motivated.  The end result of that conversation was a Nike commercial – JUST DO IT.

Yesterday, I spent all day JUST DOING IT.  Whatever I needed or wanted to do, I just did.

Taking control like that felt GREAT.

Madame X does not like it when people write in the dirt on her car windows.  In fact, she HATES it.

I went outside to smoke while at work yesterday.  Decided to stand in the sunshine because I was a bit chilly.  I was standing behind Madame X’s car.  I got bored.  I began to giggle as I had an idea.

End result of that…

PREDICTION:  At some point, Madame X will wish she’d never given me the JUST DO IT pep talk.  She’s created a Just Do It Monster.


    1. I laughed out loud! She’s one of the shortest people I know. Almost hobbit like! lol But she’s tough as nails, takes no shit from anyone (with the exception of me) and she’s pretty damn awesome!


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