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Doing this because it just sounded fun!

This lady is one of my favorite bloggers.  She just tells it like it is and I appreciate her honesty and humor.  She created the Best Liar Award and here are her rules…THERE ARE NO RULES!  Gotta love that, right?

Basically, you write six statements about yourself – 3 true, 3 untrue – then ask your readers to guess which ones are true.

So, here I go:

1.  Once, my best friend and I chased emergency vehicles w/ lights on and ended up stuck in a police shootout.

2.  I’m a descendant from Royalty.

3.  Every Sunday I spend the day cooking meals for the entire week.

4.  I think in even numbers (some say it’s a form of OCD…to them, I say shut up – twice)

5.  While riding a bike when I was a kid, I crashed into a brick mailbox, landed in a bush, and broke off a toenail.

6.  I won $1,000 in a poker tournament

Ok, so what’s true?  What’s not true?

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If you want to do this, I would love to guess some of yours, so make your own blog entry about it and give me a link…unless you don’t want me to know, in which case you are kind of mean, but whatever…there is no rule saying you have to thank me for the awesome idea. Also, if you want to hear someone else’s truths and lies, you could send them the Best Liar link, but they don’t have to do it if they don’t want to. 

And I know there is no rule that says we must say thank you for the idea, but I loved this idea so THANK YOU!


  1. Ok…I’m not to great at guessing games, but I’ll go with 1, 4, & 6 are true. If they aren’t true, I am guessing all the others. There is no rule about multiple guesses right? 😉


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