A Cape Wearing Kind of Monday…

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Oh yea, I’ll be kickin’ some Monday ass today!  🙂

I feel absolutely fantastic this morning, seriously.  I was in a bit of a funk yesterday and got through it with a little help from my friends…thanks friends! 

So much to do and I’m excited about every bit of it…Haunted Path magazine, just generally turning things for Ghost Walk around for the better, my job at SPSU…it seems to all be heading in such a positive direction and I’m thrilled about it.  Truly, from the depths of my soul, thrilled!

Just a quick note for the doubters in the world…

Do not let anyone ever tell you true friends can’t be made online.  It’s a lie.  I’ve met some of the most incredible people online and can say without doubt they are true friends.  It doesn’t matter that we might never meet in person, does it?  It’s possible to form a bond from long distances and that I’ve done.  These friendships are just as valuable as the ones I’ve made from those I’ve met in person and it’s to these online friends I’d like to say thank you!  You all brighten my days and give me so many reasons to smile!

About Skype…LOVE IT!  Was able to talk to Traci, Rocky, and Tom last night and we had a wonderful time.    Even got to spend the afternoon with my best friend!  Will be able to talk to friends from all over the world now and I’m stoked!

So let’s face this day on a happy and positive note, shall we?  Don that cape and get out there and FLY today!

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  1. Hey, I found husband online like 8 years ago..lol…even though we have some issues right now and the last few months but I have been with my hubby 6 years and married 4….And If it wasn’t for my online friends I think I would not have made this far…really..I don’t have any family but got a great internet family


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