Saturday Rant…

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I am so beyond fed up with this internet/text “slang” people insist on using in everyday writing.  It is simply lazy.  I’m guilty of the “lol” or “lmao” and “brb” and definitely “wtf” when I’m on Facebook or Yahoo but to use this daily, as a regular way of communication?  It’s ridiculous.

Illiteracy IS a real problem and sadly many adults grow up not knowing how to spell even the most simple words.  Even more sad is most of those most actually graduated high school.  These are people my age or close, all adults, so given the world is only getting lazier, the “good spellers” of the world are now becoming a rare commodity.  Our schools no longer even want to take time to teach our children how to write in cursive.  It’s insanity!  Yet another reason why I home school my daughter.  One day, on the rare chance technology simply isn’t available to her and printing her name isn’t an option, I’d like her to be able to sign it, in cursive.  Doesn’t have to be pretty.  She just needs to know how to do it.  I have no idea how or why some government official decided this was not an important skill but shame on him/her/them.

A bit ago, on Facebook, I saw where someone had written “bewbs.”  What?!  If we must discuss them can we spell the word properly?  It would’ve taken the same energy to write it correctly than it took to write it incorrectly.  Does misspelling it make it funny?  Not in my opinion. 

Let’s get it together people.  Let’s get back to a place where writing (you know, with a pen or pencil) proper spelling, and good grammar mean something.  Let’s not let our kids grow up ignorant.  There are too many free resources out there for that to happen and there is no excuse for it.

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