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Yesterday turned out to be a failure.  Franky isn’t being so pleasant and as much as I HATE admitting this, it distracts me.  I lose focus on my work which I simply can not afford to do at the risk of letting down my Ghost Walk friends, it keeps me from getting things done around the house that MUST be done, and quite honestly I didn’t even feel like eating.  It absolutely makes me crazy that I allow him to get to me this way.  It’s WRONG.  I suppose it might be human nature to react this way when someone you love is being a pain in the ass but seriously…I need to get gripped.   With two years of bizarre relationship with him under my belt you’d think I’d have adjusted by now.  It’ll get better, right?  It has to.  I’m working on ways to keep my focus and then maintain it because I hate it when my productivity gets derailed by negativity.

I need to take a moment to thank some people for inspiring me to write.  I am NOT by any means a stellar writer.  I enjoy words (way more than numbers…I can’t math) and have even on ocassion read the dictionary simply because I enjoy words, any words, all words.  Writing, whether I’m good at it or not, is important to me and for quite some time I’ve gone back and forth between blogging and not blogging.  The first of the year I decided I’m going for it.  And so to that end, let me say a special thank you to these people:

Heather…not even sure how to tell you how much you’ve inspired me.  I admire your courage, they way you open up in your own blogs and tell it like it is.  I respect your unwavering faith, love your wit and humor, and enjoy reading your blogs.  Some I’ve even read more than once because I’ve needed that extra push to keep me going!

Rocky…I love you so very much.  Thank you for your faith in me (although right now it’s a bit scary 🙂  NO PRESSURE!).  I treasure our friendship and look forward to our Ghost Walk journey in 2012 and beyond!  (That’s right – BEYOND because we WILL still be around for many years to come!)

Traci…my Butt-Crack Holler sis, you are amazing.  All that you do, all that you are, blows me away daily.  Funny, sweet, hardworking, great Mom, smart, talented…I love you and thank you for your faith in me.  You and Rocky both keep me going and continually give my life happiness, although your faith in me right now scares me a bit too.  🙂 

Denise…don’t even know what to say and you probably know what is in my head anyway.  Thank you for being my best friend and soulmate.  I love you muchly!

And last, but most importantly, my Mom…I could not survive without you.  I think even if I were the worst speller on the planet you’d still encourage me to write and for that, I thank you.  I love you!

Ok, enough with the mushy stuff.  I need to get busy.  It’s Friday and I need to kick some Friday ass!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Thanks! I just started blogging as a way to entertain myself since I’m one of those people who loves the sound of their own voice. HA! I’ve learned a lot and gained a lot along the way. You’re doing great!


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